EXTREME Tools produces tools for any need and for all types of hydraulic hammer and breakers on the market. Every production stage, from machining to treatment, from painting to testing, takes place in Italy, making Extreme Tools 100% Italian product. The choice of steels and the heat treatments aim to obtain the right compromise between wear resistance and toughness in order to assure a prolonged product life even in the most extreme working conditions. We realize several profiles and special shapes for every kind of application also upon customer’s drawing.


Our tools use a hardening steel with a nickel component that increases the thermal conductivity during the treatment, allowing to have a homogeneous hardness between the external surface and the heart of the tool.


At the time of purchase, the steel undergoes an initial ultrasound check to look for any internal anomalies. Surface imperfections are eliminated during the processing phase. In this stage, 6 mm up to 10 mm of material are removed depending on the diameters.


After processing, a dimension check is carried out just before the heat treatment.


The production cycle ends with the hardness check. Hardness must remain in a range between 48 HRC and 50 HRC (higher values increase the fragility of the tool and the chance of break and failure). The hardness check is carried out on every single tool we produce, with a single impression for lengths up to 800mm; and with two or three impressions for longer lengths.